Monday, July 12, 2010

• Elder Carter •

This is my little buddy. We have been friends since he was born and with our age differences between us and our other siblings its always been him and I together. We are known as the B Team in our family and we have always understood eachother and our "unique" qualities =)
This is my litte buddy just no longer little and now a missionary! He left July 8th to go to England to serve his mission. I am so proud of him and so sad to see him go. Braeden represents my childhood and watching him walk away from us at the airport made me realize my childhood was walking away and he would come home a man. I know he is going to be an amazing missionary because he speaks with his heart and has a pure love for people. I will miss him like crazy but would want him nowhere else.
I love you Braeden! Work, work, and smile. Loves.

♥ Paradise Point & Family ♥

I just want to start out by saying how blessed I am to have the family that I do. There is so much love and companionship between us all that it makes life a little easier to live knowing they are behind me. My little brother Braeden has been preparing to leave for his mission so all of my family came into town for all the events! We had an open house, a farewell, family pictures, a vacation, and Braeden being set apart as a missionary!! It was such a blessing to have us all together for it all and it was so much fun! After the open house and farewell we all packed up and left for Paradise Point!! This place is one of my favorite places in the whole world. One, because its beautiful and so fun. Two, we have soo many memories and great stories from here. And lastly, their Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris ... divine. We had so much fun playing around and being all together.
After our getaway, we came back up and took some family pictures. We don't have them yet but some of us took some pictures with our own cameras and these are a couple I thought were so
This is our Guy Guy as a Missionary!! Its so weird to see him all grown up but he looks good. (Excuse the crying faces) But yay for Elder Carter! We are so proud of him and we enjoyed every minute we got to spend as a family this week. Again, I feel so blessed.Missed you there Alts.

Friday, July 9, 2010

☼ Newest Toy... ☼

Our beloved Mr. Higgins had a birthday recently and he had his heart set on a gun. He looked around and did his research but couldn't find the perfect one. Shortly after, we were going to spend the day at an aquarium and the perfect gift hit us! Ta Da!! We got ourselves a camera! We both have always been interested in photography and Wance is a photoshop wiz so we are seeing what we can come up with. Through out the next couple weeks we took the camera around and played with it and see what it could do. Here are a few pictures... Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

. Daddy.Daughter .

I love watching my little girl become older and older and develop such a personality. The happiness I feel when she learns something new or figures something out overwhelms me. She studies everything around her and I thought that she would enjoy books for that reason. This moment between my little girl and her father just warms my little heart. I got one picture of them caught in the act and the little girl couldn't help but to show off her little personality. I love my family.

Friday, March 26, 2010

♦ The Saddest Face In The World ♦

Unfortunately for Crumbles, we have discovered that she has thee saddest face in the whole world. It has been a trial to get a picture that fully depicts the sorrow and do it justice. She tries to be a brave little soldier and her bottom lip comes out and takes over her face. She then sniffles and suppresses till it passes. It is so sad but oh my gosh adorable. In this video you are about to see her mother, her father, and her uncle were on a mission to expose her.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

♥ ValentineS LovE ♥

Our Valentines Day was a good one. Mr. Higgins and I celebrated it on the Friday before and went to Disneyland and ate at a restaurant we've never tried before. He bought me a beautiful Willow Tree statue that I've wanted for awhile and Lance/I got a 42" LCD flat screen TV. Holllllla!
It was a good one =) Then on actual Valentines Day we frosted cookies!!! It is so much fun to celebrate holidays with our baby girl. She adds some laughs and makes it worth making and carrying on traditions. I love my family!!!

* ChristMas *

I never got around to posting about Christmas so here is a quick run down =). My sister and her whole family was down so that made it alot of fun and we all spent the night Christmas Eve at my parents house. It was fun to have a toy to put together that night to set up for our little girl for Christmas day. I finally felt like a big kid! It was a great holiday. Lots of laughter and fun. Crumbles didn't know what was going on but enjoyed her new little bouncer saucer deal. For the Mister and I, our big gift was furniture!! We just enjoyed the day and enjoyed our time together and with family. Disclaimer: We forgot our camera upstairs during the present opening so we don't have any of the pictures from the actual morning cause it's on my mom's camera (which has been keeping me from blogging about Christmas) but here are a couple.